Vietnam...A Daughter Wants To Know.
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Artwork and Poems

Please feel free to send in any poems or artwork that you would like to share...


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Randy Richmond

All The Way Home

De Gower

In A War They Were Sent to Fight
My IWVPA page (which I'm Honored to have!)

Harold Keim "Doc"


John Casey:

A Veteran's Child

Jerry Calow: (added 1-16-04)

A Tribute to Veterans

Beholding Beyond Words

Gold Star Mothers

Lee O'Neill: (added 1-27-04)

Night Patrol
The Vet
The Sister
The Wall
The Wall Around Us
You Waited
Those Left Waiting

Authors Unknown:*

When God Created Vietnam Veterans

The Average Military Man

I've Got Your Back

* (I will be adding some poems that I have either found, been sent through email or accumulated through other sources that have the author listed as "unknown". If for some strange chance you know of the author please send me an email using the "send poems " link to let me know.  If you have an "unknown author" poem you would like to share, send it along.  Thanks!)

Tributes and Memorials