Vietnam...A Daughter Wants To Know.
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About Me

Just a quick view into my life ...

I was born shortly after my father's return home from Vietnam, in "73 to be exact.  As you can imagine, being a military "brat" I moved around for the first 6 or 7 years of my life, before my father's retirement in "80.  I was always interested in my father's military career, and the interest grew as I got older.  I even wanted to join myself, but my dad was dead set against my enlistment.  Then I found out that I couldn't join anyway due to certain medical factors. 
Currently I am married with two beautiful little girls.  My husband is also a military "brat", and also served in the military for a brief period.  We are raising our girls to have great respect for the armed forces and those who serve in them. 
I have recently started a search for the soldiers who served with my father in Long Binh, Vietnam.  I have done numerous hours of reading on the different aspects of the Vietnam War, and have developed an even greater respect for the men and women who served there.  Thanks to several men I have contacted and spoken with, I have found more resources for my search. 
My mission for this site...
What I initially want to accomplish with this site is to reunite my dad and the men he served with.  I would also like to create an area that soldiers of all branches of the military, whether active or retired, can post pictures,  artwork, poems, messages, and any information they would like to contribute to help them in any searches they may be doing themselves.  Finally, I would just like to have a little piece of the web to show my respects and to help
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