Vietnam...A Daughter Wants To Know.
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Gold Star Mothers
Gold star mothers...A proud and honored creed
How Can you not be totally torn apart
When the knock comes frighteningly at your door
And your life goes permanently on hold
Your body trembles uncontrolled
As your tears flood deep into your soul
And your heart aches worst than ever before
You well know now your son won't be coming home
Gold star mothers...
No-one knows how they feel
Gone unnoticed but undoubtedly real
Gold star mothers...
Carry their stars in esteem
In memory of their sons
Who died over seas
This emptiness becomes unbearable to console
And the sadness pummels from every side
The hurt you feel words cannot describe
And your misery won't stop gnawing inside
Your emotions reel too fragile to confide
And in your darkest moments there's no tears to cry
The world turns but yours is upside down
So you cling to images of a son you raised and watched grow
Turning into a young man ready to take on life's throes
You look at his pictures a father and a mother well know
You cherish the moment he smiled and said " Good-bye"
You hang on to his keepsakes, treasures to behold
All these loved memories way more precious than gold
This is your one refuge you don't have to concede
Then you turn to your husband your partner confidant
To help ease the pain and give you strength to go on
And you wonder, how can life be worth living for
When you wake up in the morning and reality is your worst nightmare
And you question how the maker could be so unfair
Then you think of your son who gave all to him
For freedom that we all enjoy on a whim!
Then you find the light that guides you from above
And your mission becomes to keep your son's memory alive
To remind us for what and why he died
In the minds of nations and all of living mankind
In the hopes that the world can turn darkness into light
And make it a better place as in the beginning of time
For the love of freedom and a mother's peace of mind

Jerry Calow

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