Vietnam...A Daughter Wants To Know.
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Tributes and Memorials



Please send in your tributes and/or memorials.......


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This page is dedicated to my daddy James A. Pingleton,Sr.
 For which I would like to pay tribute to not only for serving his country for 20 years, but also for being a Wonderful parent, and supporting me in my choices, although he may not have agreed with them all.  I love you!

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I would also like to pay tribute to the wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, and other family members of the Vietnam Veterans!  God only knows what they went through waiting to find out how their loved one was doing and when they were coming home, or if they were coming home at all!  You have my respects as well!

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James A. Pingleton, Sr. is also my daddy,and I would like to say he was not only the measure of a soldier, he was also the measure of a man. He sets a great example. He has always been there for us as well as for our country. Thanks, Daddy. 
Submitted by: Gracie Hendrickson
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Whom the Tribue/Memorial is for:  Lucian E. Gower Sr. 
He was a medic in the Air Force and served his country faithfully from 1955 to 1972 when he was medically discharged. My father was a man's man.  When he left Germany, it took three men to replace him in the job he had done in the records department.  Although he never served in Vietnam, he was scheduled to do a tour in 1971.  He had medical problems beginning in 1970 which prevented him from going and eventually led to his discharge.  I know that my father lost many friends in that war and I know that he cried at the loss of men and women that fought for their country and he cried even more at his country's refusal to give them the respect that all soldiers deserve.  God bless each and every one of the Vietnam vets, and all vets and soldiers that still carry the torch of freedom for all of us.
Submitted by: Lucian E. Gower, Jr.
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Whom the Tribute is for: BM1 Marvin Dale Edwards Sr.

Tribute or Memorial: I would like to thank all the men and women that served our country during Viet-Nam. My Dad served in the 513 near Ham-Loung river. He was a PBR skipper. And from what I can figure out, he served valiantly. He passed away 28feb2001. He died knowing how proud his children were of him. I also want to take this opportunity to tell all the vets who made it back.... Welcome Home!

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Whom the Tribute is for.: William L. Tyrrell, Jr.

This is for my dad who served in Vietnam.  My dad was a tortured soul when he came home with frequent flashbacks and a drug problem.  My dad came home in body but the man he used to be was killed in Vietnam.  He made it complete in 1978 when he killed himself.  Since the people of America couldn't do it when our vets came home, I would like to thank each and every soldier who fought selflessly for us.  You are very much appreciated and respected.  Since I can't tell my dad, I am very proud to be a daughter of a Vietnam veteran. 
Thank You and Welcome Home.

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Whom the Tribute/Memorial is for:   Donald C. Heath Sr.,Retired Master Sergeant.
He served in Vietnam, from 1967-1968, and returned home. After he returned, there was a change that only can be known by someone who was there (the vet themself or the family member). His life had changed, and he came home to a changed nation. As with all veterans, the country he loved and fought for, had turned its back on him. However, to my father, and all those who served in Vietnam, you will never be forgotten, there is someone who will always remember you and say Thank You. This is in Memory of my father February 27,1944 to August 13, 1999; who died from cancer due to exposure to Agent Orange.Thank You to All the men and women of this nations military forces.

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Whom the Tribute/Memorial is for:  Dr. James Danny Cooley.

He fought in Vietnam and came home. He never really talked about it.  He lived a great life, had five children and became a doctor.  I just want to let everybody know that I am really proud of my dad and what he accomplished in his life.  My dad lived from April 13, 1946 until July 23, 2003.  He died from bone cancer that was caused by exposure to Agent Orange. 
I love you Daddy!  Jamie

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To Whom the Tribute/Memorial is for: Rene Vergara
 In loving memory of my brother- in- law Rene Vergara, who lost his battle to cancer (soft tissue sarcoma of the cervical spine)on October 11th, 2003. Rene was an ex-marine that served in Vietnam,(Danang) in 67'thru 69',his cancer was the result from Agent Orange exposure.Our brother was an extraordinary man and his passing has left a void in our life. I was fortunate to be by his side the last 3 weeks of his life. He was such a positive man with such a will to survive and not once I heard him complain about his misfortune. He was told by several doctors that his prognosis was bleak but he never lost hope....What truly gives me comfort now, is knowing that he is with the Lord and all the suffering and wasting from this horrible disease is finally over.We will miss you terribly, you were so loved by many and you made such a difference in my life, as well as others.I promised you at your bedside, that we would always be there for your girls and that we will continue "the family reunion tradition" that you started. You are that "angel" that will look after all of us... You were a wonderful father, uncle, brother and also friend  Your memory will live forever in me, but especially when I see our nation's flag flying, because it will remind me of a hero that I once knew, someone that fought for our country and died as a result of his patriotism... I know that now, at last, you can rest in peace. We love you Rene, I am so very proud to have known you and to have loved you and been loved by you. Rest in sweet peace, soldier, You're a hero, now. You will never be forgotten!
With much love, Your sister and brother,
Estrella & Sam

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Whom the Tribute/Memorial is for:  James Curry
James Curry was my father and he was a great person.  He took a lot of photos while being in vietnam and most people were overwhelmed to see the horror.  James ended his career as a LT. Colonel.  HIs health was later affected by agent orange.  He spend his last years in a Maryland hospital watching as just about every organ in his body shut down.  He finally passed away in March 2004.  May he rest in peace. 
Love your daughter.

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Whom the Tribue/Memorial is for:  John Gertsch (click for tribute)

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Whom the Tribute/Memorial is for:  All Who Served
Thank you to every person who served and to every
family who waited back home for them.  Without the selfless
sacrifices you made, I would never have had the comforts and privledges
your service has afforded me for the past 31 years of my life. 
Words can never express the true gratitude I feel for all of you
who were so young and so brave - more brave than most of us
could ever imagine.  My hope is that you all grow to be old - older
than you ever imagined; and that your life is happily surrounded
by those you love, forever and ever.

Heather Timmons Binder

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