Vietnam...A Daughter Wants To Know.
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All The Way Home
The lightning exaggerates tired, gray eyes
And the thunder muffles occasional cries
Seeking relief from his long haunted dreams
Could the V.A. quiet the late, midnight screams?
Feeling almost ashamed, he drove to that place
His pride was now tested and it showed in his face
This was the first time he'd ever asked for a hand
To deal with the demons from that faraway land
When he arrived, he explained why he'd come and was there
You've helped some of my brothers and I knew you would care
You made us a never forget
And that's why I'm here...You see, I'm a Nam vet
They asked him for proof, to substantiate his claim
Is there anyone to verify this...could you give us a name?
He said, Well there's Shorty and Frank, then Davey and Paul
I can't recall their last names but they're etched in the wall
You see, I was the only one who survived that firefight
They've been gone these many years, but I see 'em every night
All I have are these memories...Can you help me? he sighed
They told him, We're sorry sir, but our hands are tied
The arbitrary angels then closed and locked the doors
To another forgotten soldier, caught between wars
Thunder exploded again in the clear summer skies
And lightning flashed one last time on the tired gray eyes
İRandy E. Richmond
November 04, 2000
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