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Message Board Guidelines


Basically I have very few guidelines. All I ask is that you keep your post civil.  I can and will not hesitate to delete posts that I feel are inappropriate.  I would like for people to use this board as place to post messages for people they may be searching for or for general information. Such as: any news of the military, problems with V.A., disability or retirement pay changes, or reunions.  I think that is a pretty general idea of what most message boards are created for.  Please don't post ANY information that you do not want the public to see, such as home address,phone number, and social security number. That is common knowledge on the internet, at least I would hope so. 
I hope you enjoy the use of this message board, and check for replies. Good luck on any searches or information that you may be looking for!
Thank you for visiting! Hope you visit again soon!
If you have any problems with the message board, or you feel that someone is "harassing" you or your posts PLEASE contact the administrator!

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