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Vietnam...A Daughter Wants To Know.



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Dad In His MP Gear in Vietnam ( with a tarantula)
James A. Pingleton, Sr.

I have been wanting to make a site for all the Vietnam Veterans to show my appreciation to them for some time now.  I have recently started searching for the soldiers who served with my father in Vietnam and have found so much information that up until now.......I was very naive to.  I wanted to pay tribute to those who served in Vietnam and in our Armed Forces, and maybe even help some of them reunite with their "Brothers in Arms".

My father served in Long Binh, Vietnam at the LBJ stockade. His tour was from July of "70 'til July of "71.  He was in the 284th MP Co of the 18th Bde.  From what I understand when he first got there, he was at the "Max" compound on both days and nights, then was switched to NCOIC of the admin. security on days.  He was also in charge of the transfer of the detainees from the "old" stockade to the "new" stockade as well.

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